Sometimes it’s useful to turn the world upside down to get a whole new perspective. That’s certainly true with these cute gingerbread reindeer cookies. They’re make from regular gingerbread boy cookie cutters, but when you turn them upside down and add some frosting and decorations, voila! You’ve got reindeer.

This cute photo was submitted by footballgrl16 to the page for gingerbread men. The page also includes a recipe for making gingerbread from scratch, and there are currently 80 other photos to inspire you while baking. There’s a video to walk you through the process of making gingerbread men (the kind that look like men, not reindeer).

There aren’t any instructions specifically for turning your gingerbread men cookies into reindeer cookies, but it looks like you simply need to coast them with melted chocolate or a dark brown frosting, add a red candy nose and chocolate chip eyes, and then put some small colored candies on the antlers for decoration. Kids will love helping to make these cute cookies. (And they’ll love eating them, too!)

(Image credit: footballgrl16 on AllRecipes)