Children love just about everything about the Christmas holidays except for the long wait for Santa to arrive. Once school gets out, suddenly they might start saying, “I’m bored. There’s nothing to do!” But you can help them keep busy and make those days fly by faster with a few Christmas crafts for kids. Here are some easy ideas.

Holiday Placements
If you save your old Christmas cards, pull some out and tear off the backs where the writing is. (And if you don’t save your cards, start doing it so next year you’ll have them for Christmas crafts!) For this project, you’ll need three or four cards to make each placemat.

After you’ve torn off the backs of the cards, give the kids some glue and let them glue the cards (decorationg-side down) on colored construction paper. After the glue dries, use clear contact paper to cover the construction paper, making sure there are no open ends or gaps. Kids will love setting the table with these special Christmas placemats they’ve made.

Christmas Countdown Chain
For this holiday craft, you’ll need red and green construction paper cut into thin, even strips. Let the kids decorate the strips with pens, crayons or glitter glue. Now glue the ends of the paper together to create connecting circles. You’ll want one circle for each day until Christmas. So if you’re starting on the first of December, make 24 circles. If you’re making the craft on December 10, you’ll want 14 circles, and so forth. After the glue is dry, hang the chain where your child can reach it. Then let the kids tear off a new link of the chain every day until Christmas arrives!

Santa Claus Ornament
Go to your local craft store and find some of the large plastic ornaments that allow you to place items inside. You’ll also need some googly eyes, a small wooden or styrofoam ball, some red and black felt, a small wooden heart that has been painted black and some white cotton stuffing.

First, fill your ornaments with peppermints and then close it. Now glue some googly eyes on the ball and then glue the ball to the top of the ornament. Next, add cotton to the ball to create hair, a mustache and a beard. Cut a Santa hat out of the red felt and glue it to the hair. Then cut a long strip of black felt to create Santa’s belt. Glue it to the base of the ornament and glue the front bottom of the ornament to the wooden heart to create Santa’s feet.