Here’s an easy way for young kids to send a “letter” to Santa Claus.

If your kids aren’t quite old enough to sit down with a paper and pen (or even if they are, but they enjoy making videos!), they can still send a message to Santa through the magic of technology. Simply shoot a short video of your child talking to Santa or take a still photo you’d like to share with Santa.

Then go to this page on Smilebox and download the free Smilebox application (if you don’t already have it). If you’re not familiar with Smilebox, it’s a site that helps you create great-looking digital cards, letters, slideshows, invitations and much more. They have hundreds of templates for every occasion. All you need to do is add photos and/or text to create amazing electronic messages your friends and family will enjoy.

The special Dear Santa letter template makes it easy to send a video letter to Santa. Simply drag in your child’s photo or video, fill in a few answers and then complete some of the fun questions by selecting one of the dropdown options.

It’s easy, quick, and doesn’t require any special high-tech skills. If you can find a photo or video on your computer and drag it on the screen, you’re qualified to make one of these simple Santa letter videos.

Check out the video below for a sample and then visit Smilebox to get started. (Note: this page plays holiday music when you land on it, so be sure to turn down your speakers if you won’t want others to hear the sound.)

Click to play this Smilebox greeting
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Greeting card generated with Smilebox