Caroling from door to door is one of many Christmas traditions that has been around for hundreds of years. No one knows for sure exactly how this tradition began, but historians do agree that the practice has been with us for a long time and originated with a group of people known as carolers.

Historically, carolers would gather together and sing to get food, which is where we get the term, “sing for your supper.” The origin of where caroling began is in dispute, with some saying it began in Italy, while others insist it’s an English tradition.

But wherever it started, caroling spread and became popular, but has started to die out in many places. Today, it is still a tradition in smaller towns with a close knit population, while in larger areas modern caroling has changed from a door-to-door tradition to an event for parades, church functions, nursing homes and other private events.

Christmas Caroling also has its own day to encourage people to practice the tradition. Go Caroling Day is held annually on December 20. This modern event is a great way to celebrate a fun tradition. Just grab some friends, print out the lyrics to some Christmas carols, and get started! If the weather where you live is too cold to go door to door, plan in advance to visit indoor locations such as a nursing home or hospital.

Christmas caroling is a holiday experience you’ll treasure!