Are you one of those folks who enjoys everything about Christmas, especially the music? You can’t wait until the stores start playing Christmas music all day long? And you love to hear carols your home, in your car and at work? Then you need Christmas music that goes wherever you go.

In your house, you can’t take the stereo from room to room, and in your car, you don’t want a stack of Christmas CDs as high as the seat. There has to be a better way to listen to the Christmas music you want to listen to. There is! You can put your songs on your MP3 player or smartphone and listen to them wherever you go. Best of all, you can get plenty of legal and free Christmas mp3 songs online so you can add to your collection.

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Amazon is also a great place to find an mp3 player, if you don’t already have one, or a sound dock so you can listen to the songs on your player without resorting to headphones. Soon you can be listening to new Christmas songs wherever you go.