Part of welcoming Baby into the family is the addition of a baby Christmas stocking. Placing it with the others on the mantle somehow solidifies the little one’s place in the household.

Picking the baby Christmas stocking used to be limited to choosing pink or blue, with the words “Baby’s First Christmas” embroidered on the front. But times have changed! Stockings can specialize in the family’s favorite sports teams, hobby or town or have photo inserts for that all-important first-year portrait.

If you’re a crafty mom, making a baby Christmas stocking is an enjoyable way to prepare for the holiday. The stocking will be unique and truly special. Begin with a plain stocking. Patterns are available in stores and online. (I like the clear directions and pattern at Craft and Fabric links). Here are two simple ideas to try.

Handprint Christmas Tree Stocking
Make a Christmas tree from your baby’s hand and footprints. Start with the trunk of the tree. Using brown paint, footprint your child. Carefully press the tiny foot to the stocking, positioning it correctly. Green handprints make boughs of the Christmas tree. Make a handprint stamp by transferring your baby’s handprint to thick FunFoam. Cut it out and use it to create the tree. This prevents accidents caused by wiggling little fingers! Use 3-5 near the bottom of the tree and decrease by one until the top is created. Fingers should point out for the lower branches, and up for the top. The number of handprints will vary, depending on the size of the stocking. Allow the painted tree to dry, then adorn with beads, sequins, buttons, etc. Tiny charms can be used as miniature ornaments, and a locket can hold a photo of Baby.

Photo Insert Stockings
Photo insert stockings are easily made. Purchase fabric needed, plus a small square of thin vinyl (available in many fabric sections). Before sewing the front and back stocking pieces together, position the vinyl on front of the stocking and sew in place on three sides. Once the photo is inside, close the opening and sew the stocking as directed. Cover stitching with decorations or trim. Several photo inserts can be placed on the stocking to show baby’s growth during the first year or Baby with different family members.

However you choose to make your baby Christmas stocking, enjoy! This is a great Christmas for you and your family.

– Debora Dyess