Christmas Snowman KitIf you live somewhere that it snows, you’ve probably built at least one snowman in your lifetime. Snowmen adorn the snow-covered lawns of families across the world. Sometimes it’s just one lone figure, and sometimes there’s an entire family of snow people. But if you’ve never built a snowman, now’s the time to try!

A snowman is easy to build. Start by packing snow into a ball and then rolling it through the snow until you have a big round base large enough to serve as the bottom of the snowman. Repeat the process to create a somewhat smaller ball for his midsection and a smaller ball for his head. Stack the balls together, with the largest on the bottom and the smallest on top.

Facial features, such as eyes and a mouth are added using rocks, twigs, yarn or buttons. A nose may be added, using a piece of fruit or a vegetable, such as a carrot; sticks are sometimes added as arms. Snowmen are often depicted with a pipe and a hat. However, depending on the creativity of the person or people who is making him, a snowman can be dressed in just about anything imaginable. These days you can also buy “build a snowman” kits to help dress your snowman.

Frosty, the most famous of snowmen of all, had a “corncob pipe and a button nose and two eyes made out of coal.” He also had an old silk hat that brought him to life and turned him into a walking, talking, singing, and dancing miracle made of snow.

There’s only one Frosty, but this winter season, put on your warmest coat and mittens, find a magical hat all your own, and bring your own snowman to life in your front yard, a snowy field or a local park. Have fun!