free christian santa lettersThere are plenty of places that offer Santa letters online, but finding one that mentions the religious significance of Christmas isn’t nearly as easy as finding all the ones that only talk about gifts and the North Pole.

Free Christian Santa is different. This site offers two free Christian-themed letters available as completely editable MS Word documents. The design of the letterhead is simple but functional and includes an image of the baby Jesus lying in a manger at the bottom of the page.

If you want to use this Santa letter template, you’ll need Microsoft Word to open it. If you don’t have Word, it won’t work. But the site does include the complete text of both letters, so if you don’t have Word and need help with your wordsmithing, you could copy the text into your own word processing software and print it out on your own Christmas letterhead.

The site also includes a short history of how Saint Nicholas evolved into today’s Santa Claus and offers Christian gifts from eBay.